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What makes us different?

  • Our promise to teacherss

    At YiYiEnglish, we believe happy teachers are essential to building a successful language-learning community. We will make every effort to make teaching English online fun, easy and rewarding. Our job is to support you! 

  • Join a community committed to learning

    All our teachers receive tips and information to get started on the right foot. We offer training and an active community for teachers to share tips and ideas with each other. 

    In addition, we also host regular open sessions on the latest developments in teaching and classroom management. We want to provide the best environment for professional development so that everyone can become that teacher who makes a difference in students’ lives.

  • See real progress with your students

    You will work with the same students each week, allowing you to build a relationship — essential for successful learning.

  • Teacher Qualifications

    We are looking for friendly, energetic and dependable people who enjoy working with children. We have teachers from all walks of life, at all ages, from around the world. We are a very inclusive company, we only ask that our teachers speak English at an idiomatic level.

    Many of our teachers teach professionally, in schools or for ESL programs. However, we also have teachers who work in retail, restaurants, or are students in college. Many of our teachers also have teaching certifications like TEFL or TESOL, but that is not required. We offer all the training necessary to be successful as well as continuous feedback to constantly improve your skills. We encourage people who are new to teaching to apply. This is a great way to gain a lot of experience quickly while making some money!

    We evaluate candidates based on their communication skills, their energy level, their ability to use body language and gesture to convey meaning, their technological savvy, their responsibility and maturity, and their ability to think on their feet when faced with a teaching challenge.

  • Interview process

    If you enjoy teaching, we encourage you to apply! Candidates fill out a short application and record a few short videos.

    The training program takes about 1-2 hours. We provide a teacher handbook with short training videos that comes equipped with tips and tricks for teaching English effectively. At the end of the training process, teachers conduct a demo lesson to showcase their skills to a real Chinese student. YiYiEnglish staff will provide personalized feedback on the demo class to help teachers build on their strengths and identify areas of growth.

Applications are now open

We’re now taking applications for our March cohort.


Features of Our Curriculum

YiYiEnglish approaches each lesson with a series of scientifically-supported ESL philosophies.


Task-oriented curriculum design


Interactive, engaging learning activities

Meaningful lessons

Real-world materials and connections


Creative homework projects


Responsive lesson design, so that teachers can adjust to the student’s level in real time


Coherent unit plans that build towards milestones

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Teacher - YiYiKids

Teaching students is rewarding but demanding. YiYiEnglish makes it easy to manage lessons with a comprehensive curriculum that is like a springboard from repeating the words to making conversation.


Teacher - YiYi Academy

The curriculum is well suited to each individual student’s age and level, so as a teacher, I get to enjoy being creative and having fun delivering the lesson.


Teacher - YiYiKids

The lessons are fun and informative and teach students about American culture. I even learn new things, sometimes!

Change lives, empower students and build meaningful connections as a YiYiEnglish Teacher