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Quick & Simple 5-step application

A community of like-minded teachers making an enduring impact on the next generation of students

10-Minute Application

Our teachers live around the world, so we use a video interview so teachers can apply anytime. Fill out a quick application, upload our resume, and introduce yourself with a video interview.

A-to-Z Training

Never taught before? No problem! Our online training program is responsive and tailored to teachers’ needs. It is interactive and allows you to practice the skills by recording yourself teachers. We are updating it continuously based on teacher feedback.

Getting Started

After viewing your training videos, Our friendly staff members will call you and schedule a time to set you up with our online tools. Doing it live ensures it works the first time. We will walk you through setting up your calendar and virtual classroom.

Demo Lesson

​The next step is to complete a full 30-minute demo class. This is an opportunity to simulate an actual class and practice teaching and using our tools. It’s also a chance to test the connection between your computer and China. You will deliver a lesson to our friendly staff members based in Beijing. After the demo, we’ll offer feedback on what you did well and what skills you can build on.

We’re always looking for talent

Want to join a community of passionate teachers? Great! Submit your application and we’ll get started in just 3 days.